Vice President for Membership

The position of Vice-President for Membership is responsible for increasing the membership of GAU; as such, the Vice-President for Membership:

• Assumes the powers and duties of the President in the President’s absence or inability to serve.
• Succeeds to the Presidency pursuant to the GAU By-Laws.
• Assumes responsibilities and tasks as assigned by the President.
• Chairs the GAU Membership Committee.
• Recruits activists, Stewards, and GAU members to sit on Membership Committee.
• Informs potential membership of the policies, programs and accomplishments of the local, state and national organizations.
• Organizes and conducts annual membership drives with the Membership Committee.
• Develops promotional material for membership recruitment purposes with the Vice-President for Communication and Membership Committee.
• Recruits members and operates in a manner which builds organizational capacity.
• Identifies and engages potential leaders, activists, and Stewards.

See the GAU By-Laws for more information.