GAU Stewards are chosen to do 3 things: educate, recruit, and represent.

Goal #1: To educate all GAs (present & future) of their rights as workers at SIUC. Stewards also educate GAs about unions & unionism, and promote the professional development of GAs.

Goal #2: To recruit GAs for GAU Membership.  Stewards work jointly with the Vice-President of Membership to recruit new union members & activists.

Goal #3: To represent GAs to the GAU Executive Council.  Stewards act as a liaison between the Executive Council & at-large membership. Stewards ensure member concerns, questions, and problems are heard by the Executive Council, so the Council acts in the best interests of membership.  Stewards are ‘first responders’ for grievances (contract violations).

Stewards elect a Steward Council Chair who sits on the GAU Executive Council.

Get involved and Volunteer to be a GAU Steward in your Department!  Stewards typically spend no more than 5 hours a week volunteering as a steward. Training is provided to help Stewards succeed and serve membership well.  Stewards are chosen at a ratio of approximately 1:40, or, one Steward for every 40 GAs. This allows GAU to get input from all academic disciplines and all assistantship types.

Who is my Steward?

Steward Handbook