The position of Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for the documentation and financial affairs of GAU; as such, the Secretary/Treasurer:

• Maintains the official GAU files and assists the President with organizational correspondence.
• Ensures accurate minutes are taken each meeting of Executive Committee, Steward Council, and General Membership meeting
• Notifies members of regular and special meetings.
• Maintains accurate records of membership, expenses, and income, and reports such records at Executive Committee, Steward Council, and General Membership meetings.
• Oversees payment of bills, updates and returns membership forms/rosters to the IEA, and transmits dues to IEA per IEA policies.
• Prepares GAU budget with the Executive Committee and Steward Council.
• Recruits members and operates in a manner which builds organizational capacity.
• Identifies and engages potential leaders, activists, and Stewards.

See the GAU By-Laws for more information.