The position of President is the Chief Officer and gatekeeper of GAU; as such, the President:

• Interprets and enforces GAU Constitution and By-Laws.
• Carries out organizational policies between Executive Committee and/or Steward Council meetings.
• Serves as Ex-Officio member on all GAU Committees.
• Appoints and removes members of all committees with the consent of the Executive Committee and/or Stewards Council.
• Calls and presides over meetings of the Executive Committee, Steward Council, and the General Membership.
• Signs Contracts and Agreements.
• Oversees construction Budget and occurrence of Annual Audit.
• Represents the Union before the public either personally or through designees.
• Mediates GAU internal conflicts.
• Performs all acts generally associated with the nature of the office.
• Recruits members and operates in a manner which builds organizational capacity.
• Identifies and engages potential leaders, activists, and Stewards.

See the GAU By-Laws for more information.