Update from Eastern Illinois University

We are now 8 ½ months into our fiscal year without any money from the state. In addition to not having our regular appropriation from the state, the University chose to fund the MAP awards which were promised to students, and the state hasn’t paid any of those costs, either. On top of those problems, several years of rapidly declining enrollment have exhausted most of our reserve funds.

As a result, EIU has been forced to give unpaid ‘furlough’ days to all administrative personnel, and to lay off 177 civil service workers from across campus. Almost all spending accounts have been frozen, and our remaining reserves are being drained. Despite all these drastic cuts, the administration still needs approximately $2 million to make it through the semester, and it has asked faculty to take a large voluntary pay cut (which might or might not be reimbursed, depending on the level of state funding that comes in the future). The results of that vote will be released on the 15th, although leaders of the faculty union have promised that if the proposal fails they will bring forward a new proposal of their own which will still provide the university with the needed $2 million under terms that are more equitable.

At this point, the harm to students has been minimized as much as possible, and many of the reductions can be reversed if a funding bill is passed. The President of the University has committed himself to keeping the university open not just for the rest of the year but for next year as well, although truly devastating cuts would be needed if no appropriations have been received by the Fall.

-Grant Sterling, VP of the EIU chapter of University Professionals of Illinois

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