Bargaining Contract Update

Your GAU bargaining team has been negotiating with the administration.  Thus far we have talked about:

  • Grad employment evaluations
  • Increasing vacation time for 12 month employs so GAs not from nearby can see their families (some international GAs go years at a time without seeing their families)
  • Discipline processes
  • Anti-discrimination language
  • Workload protections (including specifying that an increase in class size is an increase in work)

Of course the elephant in the room remains the lack of a state budget. Governor Rauner is doing his best to damage higher education and worker protection making national news from the New York Times and the Daily Show to name a few. SIU has still received no funding from Springfield this year and is paying its bills by spending down its reserves. “SIU covered the costs of the grants in the fall semester anticipating reimbursement when the state budget is settled, and the university will do the same in the spring.”¹ As such the administration has been unwilling to talk in terms of specifics about financial issues.


What can you do?


Show the University that you support GAUnited by becoming a member or department steward.


Attend a Bargaining Session.


If you would are interested in observing how the bargaining process works, please contact the union at and we will contact you about attending.


Contact your legislators!



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