SIU Athletes Organize “Political Kick Off”

Carbondale, IL – In light of a proposed $600,000 cut in state appropriations, Intercollegiate Athletics did what many thought impossible and organized their first-ever “Political Kick Off.”  Interim Athletic Director Harold Bardo said on Monday, that “We at university athletics are tired of being the scapegoat of university budgets.  Does Governor Rauner value athletics or not?  Will Governor Rauner invest in university sports or not?  It’s time to take a hard look at ourselves as a state and ask: are we a university with an athletics program, or an athletics program with a university?”  When asked what Intercollegiate Athletics plans to do about it [the proposed cuts], Bardo said, “It’s time to party on the ball, baby.  We’re announcing the first “Political Kick Off” and we’re taking it to Springfield.  We’re going to change Governor Rauner’s damn mind.”  In response to Interim Director Bardo’s strong words, former Saluki quarterback, SIUC hall of famer turned Trustee, Joel Sambursky said “It’s clear we need to mobilize as an athletic community, and that means students who value athletics, current and former student athletes, alumni, and community members all need to get on the horn and tell Governor Rauner to raise revenue to save SIU sports.”

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