Nerds Get Active: Graduate Assistants Actually Join GAU

Carbondale, IL – In a move that shocked many on Tuesday, countless nerd-GA’s across campus actually joined Graduate Assistants United as dues paying members.  Said Chris Calculator, a Graduate Research Assistant in the Math Department, “It’s amazing but if you look at the numbers, the union actually helps us get higher pay for our work as Graduate Assistants.  I was as surprised by the numbers as anyone.”  Speaking as an Engineering student who holds a Graduate Teaching Assistant in her department, Becky Buildington said “When you think about it, if every eligible assistant were to join GAU on campus, we could actually have a strong voice at the bargaining table.  Who would have thought that we were stronger together than we would be if we worked independently?”  Similarly, GPSC President Matt Ryg echoed the nerdy sentiment on campus, saying “As the President of the Graduate and Professional Student Council I am, so to speak, the ‘nerd-commander-in-chief.’  As such, I implore my fellow Graduate Assistants, and nerds of all stripes, to get engaged in state politics and university decision-making.  If we speak together on the issues that concern us, we have power in our voice.”

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