At the Bargaining Table

Your bargaining team has been hard at work going through our contract and compiling issues that negatively impact graduate assistants. As issues have come up over the past several years, we have been keeping track of them, in anticipation of the bargaining season. We have heard your concerns, and we hope that we will be able to improve the working conditions of GAs at this University with our new contract. To that end, we have formally presented our issues and interests to the Board’s bargaining team over the course of three meetings. We identified and presented 22 different issues:

  1. GA Stipends & Employment Fees
  2. Summer Healthcare
  3. Health Insurance Fee
  4. Training & Orientation
  5. Minimum Credit Hour Requirement
  6. GAU Office
  7. GA Workload & Quality Control
  8. Side Letter on Student Healthcare
  9. Access to GAU Bargaining List
  10. Fair Share
  11. Sick Leave
  12. Bereavement Leave
  13. Taxable Tuition for GAs (not RA or TA positions)
  14. Vacation
  15. Information Requests (Dean’s Email List and Board Budget Proposals)
  16. Eliminate 48-month Funding Caps
  17. GA-taught Class Size Caps
  18. Class Size Requirements not Counting Tuition Waiver Graduate Students Toward Enrollment Numbers
  19. Springfield Campus GA Spousal Healthcare
  20. Tuition Waivers / Scholarships
  21. Non-discrimination Policy
  22. GAU’s ability to file a chapter grievance on behalf of GAs
The Board’s team also presented a number of interests, though there is a considerable degree of overlap. Some other issues opened by the Board’s team include: GA Evaluation Process, Discipline and Dismissal process for GAs, and Additional Employment.
Now that you know what issues are on the table for negotiations, we will be asking you, our members, for your comments on these issues. We hope to hold dedicated events to these bargaining interests in which we will provide information and solicit feedback from you, so keep an eye out for announcements. Bargaining is a top priority for this year’s GAU leadership, so you can be certain that bargaining will be on the agenda for all of our Executive Committee and General Membership Meetings. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, or comments concerning the issues we presented, please feel free to contact the GAU Bargaining Team at
In Solidarity,
Sandy Kim

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