Grads come together, get caffeinated, converse

coffee hourSeveral graduate assistants made their way to Melange on Wednesday, Jan. 29, to enjoy each other’s company and coffee paid for by their union.

At the GAU-sponsored coffee hour, GAs congregated on the couches and chairs atop the upper-level in the café, at 607 S. Illinois Ave., Carbondale, Ill., which reopened under new ownership in the fall of 2013.

Jane Moon, who works at Melange three days a week, emphasized the freshness of everything on the menu.

“It’s really good quality, but not high-priced,” she said.

Moon said Melange offers unique “fusion food,” a mix of Korean and American cuisine that she said can satisfy a variety of palates. She said all the sandwiches they serve are good, but she especially recommends the gratin and chicken cutlets.

The GAU crowd kept caffeinated with coffee and cappuccinos for the two hours they were there. Spinach artichoke dip circulated among the small-but-spirited crowd, as did some dessert snacks, on the house.

Charles DiStefano, doctoral student and Research Assistant in political science, said coffee hours are a good idea.

“Since I have a family, and I don’t live in Carbondale, this is a great time for me to get out and meet some people out of my department and still be able to get home in time to pick the kids up from daycare,” said DiStefano, who commutes to SIUC from Cape Girardeau, Mo., several days a week.

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