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Graduate Assistants United is seeking a member-representative to the Illinois Education Association’s Political Action Committee for Education (IPACE).

The Higher Education Grassroots Political Action’s (GPA) goal is to keep members up to date on all government action that is going on in Springfield. 

The position calls for three weekend trips to Springfield, paid for by IPACE (Illinois Political Action Committee for Education) where the GPA receives the latest updates on educational issues and how our legislators vote on them.  Members recommend politicians and keep track of their voting records via our lobbyists.  

The position is for 6 years but a representative does not have to serve that long.  The GPA must be a member of IEA, and gets a $1000 stipend for travel expenses and a $900 budget for events they may want to sponsor. It is a lot of fun and the information is face paced.  The representative must attend Regional council meetings and give a monthly report. 

Contact GAU for more information.

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