In Historic Move, AFL-CIO Expands Ranks With Vote to Include Non-Union, Immigrant, Low-Wage Workers

Posted today at Democracy Now.

In what could be a major development for worker rights, the AFL-CIO has announced a new plan to enlist tens of millions of non-union workers, including immigrants and low-wage workers who have traditionally not been part of its federation. The move comes as unions face a major decline in membership and have seen their collective bargaining rights slashed in former union strongholds like Wisconsin. Meanwhile, non-union workers at Wal-Mart, and fast food chains like McDonalds, have gained momentum in their efforts to push for better pay by holding one-day strikes. We’re joined by Cristina Tzintzun, executive director of the Workers Defense Project in Texas, who just attended the AFL-CIO Quadrennial Convention.

Read the transcript or listen to the broadcast at Democracy Now.

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