Economist to Speak at SIUC

Dr. Deirdre McCloskey (U of I, Chicago) will present a public lecture in Shyrock Auditorium on Thursday (9/12) at 5pm.   Dr. McCloskey’s talk is titled “The Great Enrichment, 1800 to the Present, and What It Means for Economics and Politics.”  The event is co-sponsored by the Department of Philosophy & the Department of Economics.

Professor McCloskey is one of the leading economists in the world and one of the leading philosophers of economics.  She pioneered the field of economic rhetoric with The Rhetoric of Economics and If You’re so Smart, and more recently, in The Bourgeois Virtues:  Ethics for an Age of Capitalism, she offers a qualified defense of capitalism on the basis of virtue, rather than utilitarian, theory.  She is also the author of Crossing a chronicle of her transformation from Donald to Deirdre.  Last year SIUC awarded her an honorary doctorate.

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